Think of our nation’s infrastructure as economic superhighway; a toll road that everyone, every business, organization or enterprise have to use. 


A toll road works because it spreads out and lowers the cost-to-use to everyone.


Just pay as you go...


We need a Tax System that works like a simple toll road, a National Sales Tax... Just "One Tax for All". States like Florida and Texas are booming, they have no state income taxes, just a simple sales tax.


Twenty percent of U.S. Citizens pay no state income taxes and love it and people are flocking to states that have no income tax. The sales tax system works. You make a purchase you’ve paid your taxes.


Imagine just “One Tax for All”; you go into the store buy a candy bar and a coke - you paid your taxes; anytime you purchase goods and services you pay a low, low, low 5% or less national sales tax.


Only “One Tax For All”, No Forms, No Withholdings,

No Other Taxes...

The Only True - ONE PAGE TAX PLAN!


ONE TAX FOR ALL national sales tax, everyone, and every business; every segment of our economy pays a little something, everyone will have a little skin in the game.


Unleashing the wealth of American citizens begins now by eliminating income taxes!

What The Experts Say

About Taxes 

Pay 5% or less in Taxes...

If our economy grows the ONE TAX rate would go even lower, 4%-3%-2%-1%!  ONE TAX is calculated on the "Total Economy of All Sales and Transactions"(TEST); ONE TAX is not calculated on GDP. Tax-Pyramiding is just a scare tactic to keep Citizens from having complete control of there money; the offsets of laws, rules and much lower taxes is based on a fixed Federal Budget!





  • Taxes are fairly shifted across all segments of our economy, creating the cash flow that will increase GDP

  • By evenly and fairly distributing taxes across all business segments and all individuals, “taxes will never have a negative impact on any segment of the economy”

  • It will be a Low, low, low tax rate of 5% or less, “it will be like giving the middle class a pay raise”

  • There will never be income tax for businesses or citizens

  • Only one tax, no other federal taxes

  • No tax forms or tax returns

  • It will protect personal privacy from the government

  • Personal success will no longer be punished by Income taxes

  • No income withholding system, “business owners will no

    longer be, at their expense, the nation's tax collectors”

  • Eliminates hundreds of the laws

  • Eliminates tax courts and tax incarceration

  • Eliminates unfair Excise Taxes that target certain industries

  • No more late or unpaid taxes

  • Eliminate inheritance tax

  • Eliminate capital gains tax

  • No more tax evasion

  • All illegal incomes will have to pay this tax via purchasing

    goods and services

  • No more deductions or loopholes

  • Taxes will no longer be used as a political device

  • Lastly, balance the budget, and stop our children from

    getting a nation full of debt

  • Eliminate online filings like Turbo Tax forever!




Economists agree the best tax is a tax that fairly spreads the nation's expenses across every segment of our economy to create the lowest rate tax possible and allows for the maximum cash flow of citizens' wealth.


A tax that is simple, a tax that has no effect on our economy and a tax that cannot be used as a political bargaining chip; a tax that will stabilize our economy.


A tax that everyone will proudly see it as their duty to pay. A tax that will put the wealth back into the pockets of the citizens. National Sales Tax System - The FREEDOM TAX!


All the experts agree income taxes are the worst tax

and property taxes are a close second. So what is the best tax system!

Ask Texans and Floridians?


Income taxes punish success, steal from the cash flow of our economy, and pry into your personal life and privacy.


With income and property taxes we can never truly own property, we are just renters from the government. If you don’t pay your income or property taxes the government can take everything you own.


Also, economist knows that strong cash flow creates the strongest economy, a national sales tax works because it allows for the greatest cash flow of all tax systems. Taxes are only collected after a sale or transaction is made. National Sales Tax system also eliminates the government's inability to collect late taxes as there will be no late taxes, this is a cash system.


Lastly, personal privacy, just forget about it!

The Income-tax system just does not work, it robs us of our wealth while falling short on collecting enough taxes to pay our nation’s debt and invades our personal privacy.

A tax on a tax on a tax myth (Tax Pyramiding)...

While it appears that the National Sales Tax system is compounding taxes it is not! This tax is based on the use of the infrastructure. Additionally, if the National Sales Tax system collects more than enough to fund the budget and debt, then the rate would be adjusted lower. Even if Tax-Pyramiding occurs the offsets are more than in favor of the Freedom-Tax. Just do the math for yourself, it's simple not like the systems we currently use.